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Tips to Help You Save On Your Business Insurance

By May 24, 2021March 18th, 2024No Comments
Tips to Help You Save On Your Business Insurance - Person Pointing at Papers With a Pen

Your business isn’t just your passion—it’s your everything. You work hard every day for it and at the end of the day when everyone else clocks out and goes home, it comes home with you.

It’s part of a being a business owner. The one thing you don’t have to let weigh you down is your business insurance. Making sure your hard work is properly protected is easier and more affordable than you think.

Work With a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent:

Pricing varies from carrier to carrier, so the first thing you may hear is to shop around. Who has time for that when you are trying to run a business? What’s the solution? Work with a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent. They can do the shopping and negotiating for you.

Following a careful review of your business operations, a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent will review multiple options available through carefully chosen insurance carriers. They’ll present you with quote options that are right for your business. The best part is, you won’t have to do all the work yourself!

Spoiler: A Trusted Choice® agent can also be a huge benefit should you need to file a claim. An agent will advocate for you every step of the way, helping you to meet deadlines, maximize your benefits, and, of course, keep you working on your business.

Choose a Higher Deductible:

Based on your financial comfort level, choosing a higher deductible can often provide you with a worthy annual savings on your premium. A Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent can help you make the best determination on whether this option is right for you.

Establish Close Communication with Your Agent:

Keeping your agent informed about any major changes in business including purchases, expansions, changes in hiring, or even a shift in the nature of your business operations, is important to keep your coverage and your premium in line with your needs. Also, seek advice from your agent regarding disaster planning. Ask what you can do to minimize common risks such as work-related accidents and fires. Learn what procedures you should have in place in case your business is faced with a major catastrophe. Having the right business insurance coverage and a well-thought- out disaster plan can save you money in the long run. It will also help to save your business from temporary interruption or even closure.

Utilize Your Insurance Carrier Resources:

Depending upon which insurance carrier your agent has placed you with, many of them have free resources to help with things like disaster planning, human resource intervention, and safety measures and training.

Take advantage, free resources will save you in more than one way. Following the recommendations of your insurer and putting proper measures in place by using the resources available to you can often help to reduce your premium for certain types of insurance coverage. For example, worker’s compensation can be an expensive part of your overall business insurance. Providing a safer environment for your employees can really save you money.

Your carrier can help you review the safety measures for your business operations and make recommendations to put in place. Preventative measures and a quiet claims history can help you save substantially!

Bundling Discounts:

These are discounts you can get if you buy multiple types of insurance with the same company. Say you need to insure your home and auto as well as your business. If you get both with the same company, this can often provide better savings. Ditto that for things like insuring multiple properties with the same company or bundling all of your business insurance needs with one company, opposed to breaking it up. Note to Self: It’s also much more simple when it comes to claims and billing. One agency, one phone call, especially when certain claims can trigger multiple policies.

Loyalty Discounts:

Often, business owners believe it’s good to put their business insurance out to bid each year. On the contrary, this can work against you in the long run if you move your insurance frequently. It may seem like a great idea as you might see some quick, short-term savings. However, you may want to consider that loyalty discounts are pretty self-explanatory: Insurers reward customers who stick around.

Where to Direct Your Questions:

If you have any questions about your business insurance and/or your home insurance needs, contact V.F. McNeil Insurance today at (203) 481-2684. Our business insurance professionals are always happy to answer any of your inquiries.

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