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Every team has employees who like to participate in meetings and those who don’t.  This is generally a challenge for most employers.  However, a more pressing concerns starts here.  

If you start to notice one or more of your most enthusiastic employees who generally participate, listen attentively, and come to meetings with a smile, starting to lose interest, not participate, or avoid meetings, possibly it’s time to examine your body language and that of others involved in your team meetings. If it’s less than professional, it’s time for a makeover.

Setting the Tone Starts With You

Besides choice of words and the volume and tone of a voice, gestures, posture, facial expression, and lack of attentiveness, all have a powerful impact on whether your team meetings will be well anticipated or thoroughly dreaded.

Keep in mind, everyone spends time preparing for meetings, and of course has some degree of concern over being well prepared, understanding and communicating what they’ve prepared for, and whether or not they will receive kind, professional, and helpful feedback, as well as genuine interest from their team.  Give them the respect they deserve for caring enough to prepare and participate and you may notice a positive change.

In contrast, failing to keep tabs on your body language or that of others, can not only have risky results on encounters with team members, it also sets a bad tone for everyone on a team to NOT be mindful of their own communication whether it be through words or body language.  To avoid this potentially long-term, negative result, it's important that those in a top position of leadership set the tone.  Setting positive examples can help to ensure that communication between management, staff, and even with clients, is always professional and in turn, productive.  

What Might Have a Negative Impact?

Nobody can expect to be perfect at smoothing out common communication flaws but we should at least try to pay attention to those that have a negative impact.  In many cases, negative body language can make others feel uncomfortable and in some cases, even intimidated or scared. This not only runs the risk of harming relationships, it can also turn into a liability for an employer.  

Eye rolling and angry looks convey negative messages and make others feel intimidated to speak. Consistent and abrupt, opposed to the normal and occasional interrupting, can kill a conversation by conveying a lack of respect and can also cause another team member or peer to feel uncomfortable to complete their thoughts or topics.  Lack of attentiveness, such as looking at the clock frequently or a mobile device, fidgeting, looking bothered,  unenthused, somewhere else, or yawning, when someone else is speaking, can all be painful messages that convey, this is unimportant to you.

It's Worth Every Minute of Consideration and Attention.

These are just a few common examples of how body language, that you might not be aware of, can be eroding your relationship with your team or your peers. If you are a business owner, manager, or even a team member, give consideration to your body language just as much as your verbal language.  It's worth every minute of consideration and attention.  

Nobody wants to feel like others see them as stupid, annoying, unimportant, or not valued.  Unfortunately, this can be the result of harmful body language.  Allowing it to happen, is a surefire way to NOT get the best out of your team, your peers, and in some cases, even your clients. When people feel supported, respected, and valued in the role they are in, no matter what role that is, a McKinsey global survey of more than 1000 employees, revealed that this has much more impact on motivation than monetary incentives.  The results can afford your business great benefits and of course, help to avoid any potential liability to your company. 

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