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The average renter owns between $15,000-$20,000 worth of personal belongings.  Most renter’s say that if they experienced a total loss, it would be financially challenging to replace belongings like clothing, cookware, furniture, electronics, jewelry and other daily necessities like towels and bedding.  Could you afford to self-insure a loss like this?  

Most of us could agree that the low cost of purchasing a renter’s insurance policy is a smart decision to remove this worry.  But many people don’t realize the other benefits of a renter’s insurance policy.

Renter’s Insurance Provides Off-Premises Coverage

For example, if you go out bike riding for the day with friends and your $2700.00 road bike is stolen when you stop for a bite, your renter’s insurance will cover your property.  

A Renter’s Insurance Policy Can Lower Your Insurance Rates. 

Often, the cost of purchasing a renter’s insurance policy can be a wash if combined with an auto insurance policy.  The savings from grouping the policies makes getting the protection a no-brainer.  

A Renter’s Insurance Policy Can Provide Compensation for Relocation

If you have to move out due to a covered loss such as fire damage or vandalism, a renter’s insurance policy can help with certain costs of relocation.  Talk to an agent about what is covered.  

Taking Inventory Can Help Decide How Much Renter’s Insurance You Need

Performing a home inventory can help you decide the amount of insurance protection you need.  To make it simple, V.F. McNeil’s free mobile app can help you take pictures and log a home inventory right on your mobile device.  

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