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Melenie Phillips

Account Manager, Personal Lines


Bringing 27 years of experience in the insurance industry, Melenie Phillips joined V.F. McNeil Insurance as a full-time, Personal Lines Account Manager and is working from a remote location.

Previously working for Brown & Brown of Connecticut, Melenie worked in both sales and service, with a focus on high-net-worth clients. Although she enjoyed both aspects, she prefers the ability to be in a support role, as it allows for stronger relationship building when she can stay with each client through the annual customer journey.

Melenie loves it when her clients walk away with a positive experience. Her goal is for each client to feel satisfied with their discussion of insurance coverage. She wants her clients to feel confident in the insurance products they are purchasing.

Outside of being another insurance superhero on our team, Melenie loves to spend time with her son and family. Melenie admits she is not a fan of shopping but will make exceptions when it comes to her spending time with her son for his needs.

Family and community are particularly important to her. Most specifically, her favorite ways to be involved with her son and the community she lives in, are to volunteer at his school and to help with fundraisers of local sporting teams.

She also loves to go out to eat with family but admits her eyes are bigger than her stomach. She is famous for ordering large meals and only being able to finish a few bites. She might even talk about it in her sleep, but you will not understand her, unless you speak Greek. Fluent in both English and Greek, Melenie has occasionally been caught speaking Greek in her sleep by those who know her well.

In her free time she loves the beach, travel, a good run, dancing, and catching a good movie.


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