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Time spent in court can cost a lifetime’s work. As legal costs continue to soar, averaging around $250 per hour, the term “lawsuit” is even more frightening than ever. Sadly, legal action has become the norm today and more and more folks are being sued.

Regardless of whether the charges are justified, if you’re being sued, you’ll be faced with potentially huge legal bills and possibly some type of monetary settlement.

A catastrophic lawsuit that may include lost wages for the injured party or parties, medical bills, and pain and suffering could be financially devastating. Lost wages alone for people who are seriously injured and can’t work for an extended period of time can potentially cripple you if you exhaust the limits on your underlying liability coverage (homeowner’s, renter’s, condo, boat, motorcycle) and don’t have an umbrella policy. Would you want to jeopardize everything you’ve worked hard for? Certainly not. Umbrella insurance increases your protection, your financial security, and your peace of mind.

Myths About Umbrella Insurance

I’m not wealthy. I don’t have much to lose. Why would I need an umbrella policy?

Many people believe that umbrella insurance is only for the wealthy due to the significant amount of liability coverage an umbrella policy provides (average is $1 million for liability lawsuits). The fact is, anyone can face a liability lawsuit, but not everyone has enough insurance to pay for one. If you become legally responsible for someone’s losses, injuries or death, there’s a chance you could be sued for an amount of money that would exceed what the standard insurance policy would cover. Umbrella insurance is relief from the worst things that could keep you awake at night.

Umbrella Insurance is too expensive.

The average cost of an umbrella policy is around $300 annually. That’s not even the cost of a cup of coffee per day which many of us include as part of our daily routines. For a small annual cost, you can have up to $1 million in liability protection, an amount of coverage that could be a life saver in the event of legal fees and settlements. More importantly, consider what it could cost you without an umbrella policy.

It won’t happen to me.

Unfortunately, even the most careful people can be sued due to occurrences that you may not have even considered. You can’t control who you or your family members might injure due to accidental occurrences.

For example, what if….

- A neighbor’s child wanders in to your yard without your knowledge and he or she is bitten by your dog or suffers a serious injury or even death as a result.
- You host a party and one of our guests or their guests has too much to drink and causes a serious accident after leaving your home.
- Your dog scares a neighbor walking by your property and he or she falls and breaks a bone.
- Your teenage driver causes a serious driving accident and injures several people.
- Your teenager gets involved in some unpleasant online bullying resulting in another teenager being hurt or worse.
- You host a summer pool party and a small child drowns in your pool due to being momentarily unattended.
- Your teenager has a birthday party and without your knowledge, one of their teenage guests sneaks in alcohol, over drinks, and requires emergency medical attention.

These examples are all horrible events that we hope never happen to you. However, we know that the possibilities are very real. Imagine not only suffering the stress and emotional strain of such a terrible occurrence, but add in the stress of financial strain or even devastation on top of that because you didn’t have an umbrella policy. It’s not a circumstance we would want anyone to be in. That’s why we highly recommend an umbrella policy.

How Do I Obtain Umbrella Insurance?

To protect your family and your assets with a personal umbrella policy, contact V.F. McNeil Insurance today at 203.481.2684 for more information about this specific protection. Our insurance professionals will be happy to discuss this important coverage with you. You are not obligated in any way, but we encourage you to learn about this important coverage.

Umbrella policies do differ, as do each insurance consumer’s needs. We can not only access an umbrella policy for you, but we can also help you determine which umbrella insurance would be best for your circumstances.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, umbrella insurance isn’t only for the affluent community. Any individual or family that shares concern over losing a home, wages earned, or any type of savings should give serious consideration to including an umbrella policy as part of a smart financial strategy.


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