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If you’re a construction business owner, you know you need to have insurance in place to protect you from financial loss associated with construction projects. While many companies still go the traditional route—requiring each party to purchase their own policy—some are switching to an alternative method of risk management.

Known as a “wrap-up” or consolidated program, this approach allows the project owner to purchase a single policy to cover everyone involved—from the owner and construction manager to the general contractor and subcontractors.  Wrap-up policies typically provide coverage for general liability, builder’s risk and workers’ compensation in addition to other features based on the type of project.

According to the
Alzheimer’s Association, dementia is a term commonly used to describe a wide range of symptoms associated with a severe decline in memory and thinking skills. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of diagnosed cases of dementia. Vascular dementia—caused by a stroke—is the second most common type of dementia diagnosis. However, even vitamin deficiencies and thyroid issues may case dementia symptoms.

Life expectancy is increasing, Social Security benefits are shrinking, and a recent
study shows that 54 percent of Americans have too little saved to ensure an adequate income stream after they collect their last paycheck. Given these facts, you’d expect more of your workers’ New Year’s resolutions to focus on retirement—but that’s not the case.

According to the New Year’s Resolutions Survey from Allianz Life Insurance Company, 44 percent of respondents plan to put their focus on health and wellness this year. Only 29 percent were pledging to improve their financial security in 2016, followed by 13 percent who were going to make changes to their career or employment and 9 percent who were determined to enhance their education.

Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head andfever are more than just the list of common cold symptoms rattled off in every NyQuil commercial. They’re also often the start of many serious ailments. If you’ve been suffering from them without improvement, consider these signs you may need to put down the cold medicine and see a medical professional STAT.


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