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Branford, CT., September 11, 2017 - As ride sharing, officially referred to as Transportation Network Companies (TNC), continues to explode in popularity, it’s natural for some of us to consider the option not just as a passenger, but as a driver to earn extra cash.  Earning extra income with flexible hours can seem tempting. 

However, if you jump into the venture without the proper knowledge, you could potentially land yourself in a bad financial predicament. 

One task that should NOT go on the back burner is whether your insurance coverage will still make sense for this significant life change.  

It’s most likely safe to say, nobody wants to experience a hurricane; and we certainly hope we don’t in 2017.  However, from experience we all know it’s a possibility once we enter the season.

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In a recently published article titled, What You Don't Know About Homeowner's Insurance Could Cost You, Consumer Reports discusses multiple options for purchasing homeowner's insurance but what was its final opinion


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