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Our agency frequently receives claim scenarios from each insurance provider that we are appointed with.  The intention is to keep us informed of all scenarios that present risk to our clients in order to better educate them on the importance of umbrella liability insurance.  

Simply stated, we often must read some pretty tough stuff that happens to people who are involved in a claim where an umbrella policy has to respond because the liability limits of an underlying insurance policy have been exhausted.  Or worse yet, sometimes we learn what happens when an insured doesn’t have umbrella liability insurance.  For example…

It’s the exciting start of a new year and six months into the launch of our new product line!

Since August when we hired Megan Maruzo as a new Account Executive with the intention of expanding our team and our product line to include a full range of life and disability insurance products as well as financial planning services, we’ve all been busy in several ways. From taking care of the logistical elements of our new product offering to servicing our clients and prospective clients that have expressed interest in our new products, our team has been hard at work and loving it!   

We’ve all been so pleased to be able to have the following conversations…

“Yes, we can certainly help you with a financial planning strategy.  Let me refer you over to a specialist.”

“Concerns about what would happen financially if you become ill or injured are serious concerns.  Let me transfer you over so you can learn about disability insurance.”

Congrats on your new baby!  Yes, life insurance is a smart decision to protect your new family, let’s have you speak with an insurance specialist.”  

These are just a few conversations that our team has been having with our clients and prospective clients since August.  As a result, Megan has not only worked with people to secure homeowner’s, automobile and umbrella insurance, she's also worked with multiple people on life insurance, disability insurance, and fixed annuities.  She’s been a great benefit to our commercial clients too!  When it comes to further increasing business stability, she’s been able to offer solutions like principal life buy/sell agreements and disability insurance for business. 

Our Pledge to You...

As a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agency, we’ve taken a pledge to work with you to identify the insurance and financial services that are right to protect you, your family and your business.  We are pleased to be your choice for full-service insurance solutions in Connecticut.  If you would like to inquire about any of these new products in 2017, please contact V.F. McNeil Insurance at 203.481.2684 and ask for Megan.  She can also be reached by email at

Nominated by his clients statewide, Carmine Montuori, appears in Connecticut Magazine within the Five Star Professional special section.

Branford, Connecticut, March 17, 2017 - V.F. McNeil Insurance, a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agency proudly announces that its Vice President, Carmine Montuori, was named by Five Star Professional and Connecticut Magazine as a Five Star Insurance Professional in 2016.  

Five Star Professional annually partners with Connecticut Magazine to identify insurance, mortgage, and real estate professionals in the Connecticut area who deliver outstanding knowledge, service, and client satisfaction.  The research team at Five Star Professional contacted thousands of consumers to compile its list of insurance professionals for 2016 which will be featured in the March 2017 issue of Connecticut Magazine.  

To contact Carmine Montuori, please call at 203.481.2684 or email at  

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V.F. McNeil Insurance is a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency and a member of PIACT (Professional Insurance Agents of Connecticut) that provides its customers with a range of quality insurance products for the needs of families, individuals, and businesses in Connecticut.


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