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Branford, CT., July 07, 2017
- With summer on our doorstep and a good amount of rain so far, it’s a good time to talk about preventing water damage in your home.  

One of the most disheartening experiences is to find water damage to your treasured home.  At V.F. McNeil Insurance, we know you want to protect what’s important. That’s why we’re offering these tips to help you prevent many of the most common causes of water damage. 

Just a little time and some effort can prevent a lot of heartache and hassle.
  • Make sure your water pressure is not set too high. For just $6 or so, you can purchase a gauge that will help you test your pressure for the appropriate level, which should be set between 60 and 80 PSI.
  • Standard hoses on new appliances are not as durable as they used to be. So check your appliances. If they’re rubber, either replace them with longer lasting stainless steel braided hoses or replace them every three years.
  • Keep water from leaking into the walls or floor of your bathroom by replacing cracked tiles and re-grouting when it’s needed.
  • Examine the shingles on your roof. Worn, curled or missing shingles allow water in, so replace them as soon as noticed.
  • Consider buying a water alarm, which can help you find leaks, or automatic shut-off mechanisms, which can help avoid bursts.
  • A lot of water damage occurs when you and your family are away from home.  Make a practice to avoid running the washing machine or dishwasher while you’re out.
  • When you leave for vacations, turn off the water supply to appliances.
  • Keep up maintenance on all appliance hoses, because slow leaks from worn out hoses can cause major damage (and they are not covered under Homeowners insurance). 

At V.F. McNeil, we hope these pointers will ensure your house stays nice and dry this summer and beyond.

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Branford, CT – June 12, 2017
- For most of us, the Fourth of July is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, having fun and creating memories - whether at home in Branford, or away.
But for some families, the holiday is a nightmare. Homes each year in Connecticut are damaged by wayward fireworks. Thousands of people are injured in accidents. 
At V.F. McNeil Insurance, we want your holiday to be happy, but also safe. So here are some tips to help you protect yourself and your property on the Fourth.

We may not have done it ourselves, but we can certainly say that we’ve most likely seen it done by others.

Mary and her husband are going on a trip to the Caribbean and we all know about it before, during, and after their trip.  How?  Because it’s been posted or shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or maybe even Snapchat.  

We all appreciate certain benefits and conveniences of social media, but users should take caution with when and what they are posting.  The summer vacation season is a particularly important time to be mindful of when and what you post, as many of us are getting out of town.  

Posting your plans and the dates you’ll be gone is an open door for thieves.  “I can’t wait to hit the beach for a week” can translate into “stop by my house and help yourself because I won’t be home.”  Nobody wants to think of it this way, but it’s reality and it does happen.  

You’re Free to Choose
- How choosing a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent could free you from high premiums, offer you better choices, and improve your quality of service when it comes to purchasing insurance in Connecticut.

Just as the thirteen colonies in 1776 were seeking freedom, choices and a better quality of life when the Declaration of Independence was signed, many consumers today are seeking a similar set of options.  Although our lives have changed since that historic day, we still have many obstacles and frustrations to overcome.  A few things that consumers seem to be seeking freedom from these days is, a hectic lifestyle, rising prices, and a decline in quality customer service in many industries.  
It seems that many companies, including certain insurance companies, are cutting expenses and service by outsourcing and automation, while spending more on bombarding us with advertising at every turn.  When it comes to insurance in Connecticut, cutting corners with products and service level could wind you up in a bad situation. 


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