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Home Maintenance

Ah, those first warm breezes of spring! Soon even the most devout winter couch potato’s dreams turn from football on television to those long-harbored visions of a major landscaping project, exterior and interior home refreshing, and maybe even a spring purge of those overcluttered areas of the house or garage.    

A word of caution before you jump right in!  Weekend Warrior Syndrome is real and can be painful.  Sudden activity shifts after a long winter of hibernation need to be approached with care.

By: Pauline Handy – V.F. McNeil Insurance

A good number of us go through life thinking, “I’m careful, I’ve got my bases covered, that will never happen to me.”  Well folks, speaking from experience, I can honestly say that even the most conscientious people should be prepared for the unexpected.  I’ll get to my story of why in just a moment.    

Coffee Home Book

A Checklist for Homeowners 

Your Home is Your Happy Place.  Be Sure It’s Protected Properly 

In case you didn’t know, a standing desk, aka a stand-up desk, is a desk that can easily convert to a working platform that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday. In some organizations they’ve become increasingly popular. But, are they truly a benefit? 

We’ve been curious for some time about this but found that research seemed to be in the early stages and feedback about the benefits vs. the drawbacks was not quite clear or definitive.

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