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Halloween is around the corner and you might be considering a group costume idea for your staff, department, or specific team. If so, we want to offer some encouragement.  

Why not have fun and choose a theme that represents what products or services you sell? Or you could consider something related to the type of business you are, what your department does, or who your team serves.  Pre-school teachers dress up like crayons.  We love it!

Whether you are a real estate firm and you dress up like the Monopoly board, or you are part of the marketing department and you dress up like social media icons, the point is for everyone to collaborate ideas and have fun with it! We’ve seen so many great group costumes! 

A few years back, our team was challenged to organize a group costume that was supposed to represent our business. Our team collaborated and produced creative results to represent the main lines of insurance products we sell, as we are an independent insurance agency selling primarily property and casualty insurance in Connecticut.  

Our team came together with fun ideas to represent business insurance, worker’s compensation, life insurance, home insurance, cyber insurance, umbrella insurance and more. We were so impressed! We must be honest.  We were initially scratching our heads wondering how something like insurance could become a costume.  As always, our team did not let us down! 

We can't wait to see what ideas they come up with this year.  Spoiler alert! We caught wind of some superhero talk. Hmmm…providing protection and coming to the ‘rescue’ in a time of need, solving problems in a single bound. Sounds perfect!!  

Have you considered a dress up day at your office for Halloween? Infusing a little fun in your team goes a long way and it’s a great opportunity for team building. Halloween is only a few weeks away.  What are you waiting for?  It’s time to get your team pumped!! 

To check out our 2023 Halloween costumes, visit us on Facebook.  We'll be sharing there.  To inquire about home insurance or business insurance, contact us by phone (203) 481-2684, online or by appointment.  We’re always happy to help!

V.F. McNeil Insurance is an independent insurance agency located in Branford, Connecticut.  Our team works with residents and business owners and can provide customized insurance options for the risks faced by each.


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