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Among the most common personal umbrella myths is the idea that this type of policy is only for the wealthy and that it's too expensive.
It's true that an affluent individual or family may need more coverage than others in a different income category; but that’s true in all lines of insurance, as more risk always requires more comprehensive insurance. However, that doesn’t mean someone with a lower risk has no risk at all.

You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.

It's awful to learn about situations where people experience financial hardship, have their pay attached, and/or lose hard earned assets because of a judgement made against them, that's not funded by insurance, because they've declined an umbrella policy.

Scenarios like this can be avoided, especially because umbrella insurance is in fact, a coverage with the best return on investment. Usually, you can purchase $1 Million in coverage for about $1 per day. It's so worth having the discussion with an insurance professional about umbrella coverage.

What scenarios can increase your risk or trigger an umbrella policy?
We've included a list of actual claim examples for you to review. However, we'll point out that simple, everyday life can increase your risk and result in an unanticipated, catastrophic claim. For example:

Multigenerational Households: College kids coming back home to roost or even aging parents who drive and are living in your household can present a huge risk.

Swimming pools, boating, household entertaining: All fun recreational activities in the summer, but also activities that can increase your risk of a liability claim.

Pets: And yes, even ones that don't bite. Barking at the jogger who was scared off the sidewalk, which resulted in broken bones, unfortunately turned into an umbrella claim.

Teenagers In the Household: Inexperienced drivers, social media activity, and many other scenarios involving teenagers always presents a risk.

Distracted Driving: Accidents resulting from distracted driving can often involve multiple cars and/or people which can put you or your family members at risk for a catastrophic claim.

Financial burden shouldn't be an added stress when umbrella insurance is so affordable.  These are only a few examples of the scenarios that could exhaust the limits of liability on a homeowner's or automobile policy, leaving you on the hook for the remainder.  Gain peace of mind with a small investment.  Contact V.F. McNeil Insurance today to learn more about an umbrella insurance policy (203) 481-2684.  V.F. McNeil Insurance is a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency located in Branford, Connecticut.


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