One task that should NOT go on the back burner is whether your insurance coverage will still make sense for this significant life change.  

However, it’s also a task that doesn’t have to be stressful if you consult with an insurance professional who can guide you down the right path.  

College raises a gamut of insurance related issues that are best addresses before your child goes off to college rather than when it’s too late.  As stated by Trusted Choice® the following are a few things to consider. 
How will your home insurance cover a personal property loss at college? While in your day packing for school may have meant a few boxes and one large suitcase, moving day on today’s campuses typically involves trucks and trailers. How much will your student be carting off to his or her dorm or apartment? Will it be properly covered for such losses as theft or fire under your current coverage or will adequate coverage require endorsements or even a separate policy?

Will your student be taking a car to college? If so, who owns it? Where will it be garaged? Who will be driving it? Should you change the location address for that vehicle on your current policy to the school location? What affect on your current policy will such a change have—good, bad or indifferent? If your student has roommates with cars, how will your current auto policy work if there is an accident while they are using your student’s car? Or when your student is using their cars?
Will your student be living on or off campus? In a dorm, apartment or rented house? All of these variables, especially for older students, can have an impact on your current protection and dictate a need for modifying your policy or purchasing a new one. For many insurance companies, there are also underwriting and coverage considerations based upon how many roommates will share your student’s humble abode.
What about liability protection? Yours as well as that of your student? There are a multitude of liability issues that may arise from a family member living elsewhere. Some are common to any such arrangement; others are unique to college students and their parents. Even for students who are otherwise of legally independent age, when can parents still face liability for the student’s actions while away?
How will your current health insurance apply at college? Will there be “in-network” professionals and facilities available locally? Does the college have its own infirmary, pharmacy or hospital facilities, and will your current plan cover their services? Are there student insurance plans available, especially for certain activities such as organized sports—and is it advisable to take advantage of them, regardless of your current coverage? Are there eligibility issues to keep in mind, especially if your student is older, is disabled, gets a full-time job or gets married?

These are questions faced by every family with a student going off to college.  The good news is, you can get advice and options from a Trusted Choice insurance agent at V.F. McNeil to help guide you.  You may find that your current coverage depending on your individual circumstances is fine the way it is, or you may discover that you need a few adjustments.  Either way, it’s best to be proactive than reactive.  

Contact V.F. McNeil Insurance today at 203.481.2684 to consult with an insurance professional.

Best wishes to you and your college student for the 2017-2018 school year!