In a recently published article titled, What You Don't Know About Homeowner's Insurance Could Cost You, Consumer Reports discusses multiple options for purchasing homeowner's insurance but in its final opinion, Consumer Reports recommends the Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent as the best choice for consumers.  

This article reviews cost, coverage, claims, flood, animal damage, the impact that credit has on rating and more.  Consumer Reports also recommends using a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent because homeowner's insurance requires a careful assessment of the client's risk and coverage needs - something a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent is best suited to do.  It also points out that direct and captive agent companies can't offer what Trusted Choice agents can because they can only sell their own brand.  

As your local Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent, V.F. McNeil prides itself on the choices we can offer to you for your insurance needs and the level of service that's kept our insurance agency successful for over 130 years.  We couldn't be more proud that Consumer Reports has put our channel at the top of its list when it comes to purchasing homeowner's insurance.  Our homes are one of our biggest assets and they serve as the hub of family and life.  Protecting your home is a job that we will never take lightly.   

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