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You’re Free to Choose - How choosing a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent could free you from high premiums, offer you better choices, and improve your quality of service when it comes to purchasing insurance in Connecticut.

Just as the thirteen colonies in 1776 were seeking freedom, choices and a better quality of life when the Declaration of Independence was signed, many consumers today are seeking a similar set of options.  Although our lives have changed since that historic day, we still have many obstacles and frustrations to overcome.  A few things that consumers seem to be seeking freedom from these days is, a hectic lifestyle, rising prices, and a decline in quality customer service in many industries.  

It seems that many companies, including certain insurance companies, are cutting expenses and service by outsourcing and automation, while spending more on bombarding us with advertising at every turn.  When it comes to insurance in Connecticut, cutting corners with products and service level could wind you up in a bad situation. 

Has this been your experience?

Most of you may be able to relate due to your own experience with trying to call for assistance on things like household services, health services, technology support, and yes, even insurance services.  Often, consumers get sucked into the enticing ads and commercials making big promises, but wind up experiencing the opposite - extended hold times, frustrating automated systems, lack of support, and costly bills in the end.  Consumers are getting fed up with this trend and are looking to break free.  As consumers, we deserve more.  

Today’s lifestyle can be hectic.  We can’t afford to waste time on hold or on costly, inferior products and services.  At V.F. McNeil, we are consumers just like you.  We’ve experienced and fully understand the same frustration associated with this trend.  Our own frustration with these experiences is part of what drives us to continue being different from the rest.

So, what are consumers to do?  

Consumers are free to make choices when it comes to getting insurance in Connecticut.  Consumers can choose an independent insurance agent to service their insurance needs.  Independent insurance agents are highly knowledgeable, experienced professionals that can take the work and the guesswork out of insurance for you.  They can review your own individual circumstances and shop multiple companies on your behalf to access and recommend insurance coverage that suits your needs and your budget.  Independent agents have the freedom to do what’s right for you.    
At V.F. McNeil Insurance, our most recent annual customer survey revealed once again that friendly, helpful, personalized customer service was the main reason why clients choose and stay with V.F. McNeil Insurance.  The results of the survey also revealed several other important things. 

Our level of service is also the reason that our clients feel comfortable referring V.F. McNeil to others they know.      
They are also pleased with the pricing they receive and the fact that we can compare pricing with other companies to be sure their premium stays in-line.  
They like being greeted by a live person when they call and appreciate the support they receive for service needs, claims, and more.

Don’t take chances with your protection.  You may find the “quick policies” promising “big savings” may leave you with poor service and claims support, hidden fees, higher premiums, and gaps in your coverage.  Don’t find yourself feeling frustrated by this.  Make the choice to Declare Your Independence.

Contact V.F. McNeil Insurance today (203) 481-2684.  We've been a Trusted Choice® for insurance in Connecticut for over 130 years.  


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