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As a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent, we have access to multiple insurance companies and can provide you with affordable homeowner’s insurance customized for your specific needs.  Getting homeowner’s insurance in Connecticut doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful, or costly.  We do the shopping and comparing for you so you can spend time on other things.  

Understanding Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Our insurance specialist will spend time with you reviewing your homeowner’s insurance.  They’ll make it easy to understand your coverage and how it will respond in the event of a claim scenario.  They’ll make sure you understand your deductibles, your payment schedule, and more.  We want our clients to have peace of mind from knowing that they are properly covered with homeowner’s insurance they can afford.  

Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

Our insurance specialist will work hard to be sure your home and belongings are properly covered.  At the same time, they’ll also work hard to identify all available discounts that you are eligible for.  They’ll spend time with you to learn about your circumstances.  In turn, they’ll apply that knowledge to saving you money on your homeowner’s insurance premium.  

Six Things You Can Do to Save On Homeowner’s Insurance

  • Combining a homeowner’s insurance quote with an auto insurance quote can save you up to 25% on your total insurance package.  Our quoting service is always free to our clients and potential clients.  In this case, it will always benefit you to get a quote on bundling your insurance.  
  • Ask about payment options that could save on your overall premium.  In many cases, insurance companies will give discounts for certain payment option choices.
  • Taking steps to reduce risk to your home is not only responsible, it can save you on your homeowner’s insurance premium.  Caring for your homes structure, functionality, and security is key.  Talk with an insurance specialist at V.F. McNeil to find out what you can do as a responsible homeowner to reduce your risk and save on your homeowner’s insurance premium.
  • Maintaining good credit is also a responsible thing to do.  But did you know that it can save you significantly on your homeowner’s insurance rates?  Statistically, homeowner’s with a good credit standing have shown to be a lower risk when it comes to homeowner’s claims which can save you on your annual insurance premium.  
  • At V.F. McNeil, we encourage our clients to have periodic insurance check-ups.  This is when our insurance specialist will review all of your insurance needs to be sure your homeowner’s insurance matches your needs.  Periodic insurance policy reviews will help to keep your coverage and your premium in line.
  • Before purchasing a new home, always consult with an insurance specialist at V.F. McNeil in advance to the purchase.  All too often, insurance is the last thing that is considered and it should be one of the first things a home buyer’s check list.  Consulting in advance can save you from unwelcome surprises.     

Get a Quote for Connecticut Home Insurance Today – You’ll save time, money, and get protection that’s right for you.    


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